Front office terminologies

Private label cards — Credit cards issued by retail organization, such as a department store or gasoline company.

Front Office

Rate Change An occupied room which rate is changed due to certain reason. A key that can open all guest room doors that are not double-locked Upselling: Atrium concept — A design in which guest rooms overlook the lobby from the first floor to the roof. A suite can also have a kitchenette or whirlpool.

Front Office Management - Terminology

A business that rents guest rooms to the public on a nightly or shorter term range of dates, i. Indicates the date when the reservation was manually canceled. A hotel that features legal gambling, with the hotel operation subordinate to the gambling operation. See Multiple Occupancy Percentage.

Housekeeping room status — Terminology that indicate s availability of guest room such as available, clean or ready room is ready to be occupiedoccupied guest or guests are already occupying a roomdirty or stay over guest will not be checking out of a room on the current dayon change guest has checked out of the room, but housekeeping staff has not released the room for occupancyand out of order the room is not available for occupancy because of a mechanical malfunction Hubbart formula — A method used to computed room rate that considers such factors as operating expenses, desired return on investment and income from various departments in the hotel.

Account receivable — Amount of money owed to the hotel by guests. Daily blocking — assigning guests to their particular rooms on a daily basis.

Cash Basis The guest pays for the room, service and tax for the duration of his stay upon checking into the hotel. An individual who offers hotel reservations to wholesalers, travel agents, and the public. Also called a dealer. A tour offering all or most services transportation,lodging, meals, sight-seeing, and so on for a pre-established price.

Confirmed reservations — Prospective guests who have a reservation for accommodations that is honored until a specified time. Job description — A listing of required duties to be performed by an employee in a particular job. Flow analysis processes — The preparation of a schematic drawing of the operations included in a particular function.

City ledger account — A collection of accounts receivable of nonregistered guest who use the service of the hotel.

Front Office Terminology/Glossary In Brief

An agreed-upon number of rooms set aside for members of a group planning to stay at a hotel. Amenity A gift for the guest with compliments of the Hotel. This list is submitted in advance by the buyer. Traders buy and sell investment products, such as stocks, bonds and commodities, on behalf of clients.

A hotel that is a member of a chain, franchise, or referral system.

Key terms or jargon's used in hotel Front office department

A conference center may provide extensive leisure facilities. Par System — A level of inventory established that provides adequately for service. Data sorts — Report option in a PMS that indicate groupings of information.

A hotel may offer comp rooms to a group in ratio to the total number of rooms the group occupies. The cordial and generous reception of guests. Sales indicators — Number of guest and revenue generated.

This is always a negative figure and is an adjustment due to unsatisfactory services or for a posting error. Flowchart — An analysis of the delivery of a particular product or service.

Profit-and-loss statement — A listing of revenues and expenses for a certain time period. Overbooking - accepting more reservations than there are available rooms.

The Grand Tour era lasted from about to. YOU MUST LIST A LOCATION! If USA, at minimum your general area and USA, but better is state and USA.

Hotel Front Office Glossary

(i.e. don't just put USA). If another country, state country at. Front Office Terminology. STUDY. - Front Office checks in a new guest after Housekeeping has updated the status to "Vacant Clean". - Guest may have checked out without settling his bills.

- Front Office may have forgotten to check out the guest's folio after settling the bills. their is lots of terms using in front office, please ask specific terms. Front office is a department in a hotel which is responsible for the sale of rooms, through a systematic process of reservation, registration, assigning room to the guest and act as a continuous source of information through out the guest stay.5/5(1).

Hotel Front Office Glossary. Hotel Front Office Glossary is compiled with various important terms used in today’s hospitality industry. Account Balance – Difference between charge and credits in.

The front office is the sales personnel and corporate finance employees in a financial services company.

Front office terminologies
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