Htaccess rewrite address bar

In a regexp, the dot. Expect large log files. If not, why not. While I'm at it, note, you can also set cookies with a RewriteRule. Your rewrite log will be full of all your diagnostic information, and your server will carry on as before. If not, why not. Example files can be set up, but this tutorial does not include creating them; just the rewrite rules themselves.

Rewriting URLs - Adding a prefix to ALL site URLs?

On the subject of new and improved Apache versions, if you are rolling your own server you may have noticed that your sites dramatically fail to load after an Apache upgrade. Then it's down to business.

This provides administrators the ability to tailor the functionality of Apache to meet the needs of their web application.

how to hide php file name in address bar using .htaccess

We're going to put this code under a big magnifying glass. In short, it allows permalinks to work. RewriteEngine off cookies Lastly, a quick word about cookies. The first RewriteRule line keeps the rewritten request or a basic initial index. July 30, at 8: This rule basically says send any permalink requests to index.

RewriteEngine on Permanent redirect to update old links RewriteRule. Oh yes, it's a "permissions problem". When things aren't working as you would expect, rewrite logging is a good option, but on a hosted server, you probably won't have that option, without access to httpd.

In fact if the rewrite worked you'd probably just get into a redirect loop because every single request would come from a Once again, there are two arguments and a flag.

Of course, there is no separate rewrite log now, so to get a readout of the rewrite logging, do something like at a terminal prompt on the server. In addition, if you use a remote URL in an ErrorDocumentthe client will not know to prompt the user for a password since it will not receive the status code.

Common Patterns Now that we have a basic understanding of rewrite rules, we will explore two additional examples in this section. Make your changes outside the WordPress lines, otherwise they will be overwritten by WordPress.

Be sure to check that your ftp client shows hidden files as well. In the new scheme, trace: If you have Apache installed on your system. As with any computer script, once you understand what the various code bits mean and what is done with the information, it's not all that complicated.

It just means finding a plugin that can scan the pages for http: Here is an example of how to simply map entire content of one web site to the folder on another site: This has several implications, the most important being that the client will not receive the original error status code, but instead will receive a redirect status code.

WP Super Cache

This substitution tells Apache to not perform any substitution. There are often no other rules after this, but it is placed here just to be safe. This will redirect all existing links from the legacy site to the old URLs, for any browsers without the cached redirects, such as new visitors or users who clear caches.

The following configuration should be used on old web server: A full explanation of the various LogLevel and trace options can be found here.

Redirect a subdomain with apache mod_rewrite and keep the URL in the address bar

It makes HTTP seem awfully out of place in a spec that is otherwise quite comprehensive about downstream caching of content.

Subdomain redirect with htaccess without changing URL in the address bar. Ask Question. .htaccess rewrite for language subdomains.

Problem with rewriting https to http, rewrite rule displays in address bar

1. serve a page without changing the URL on address tsfutbol.comss. 0. htaccess subdomain redirect to a another directory without changing url. Hot Network Questions. Redirect a subdomain with apache mod_rewrite and keep the URL in the address bar If you want to redirect a subdomain like into a subdirectory of the website and keep the original URL in the browser location bar, you may use the following apache directives.

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htacess redirect and rewrite rules conflicting

The human user doesn't know this; they just see the address bar magically changing. A rewrite means the browser thinks they're in a certain place, while you're secretly serving content from the ugly messy warehouse out back. Home / Working with tsfutbol.comss and Redirects / URL Masking tsfutbol.comss The following method will allow you to mask certain part of your website's address.

For example, when someone opens up. It's a niche kind of site, non-commercial, and the main intention is that the url's are easy to read or maybe even guess when typing in the address bar - I guess it should have been human friendly urls rather than seo friendly urls, so you are right where you are coming from.

Htaccess rewrite address bar
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