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This leads to a particular efficient experience in terms of boarding Ryanair flights. This obviously raises costs. If there is change in the demographics of the European Union, it can affect the airline industry. Ryanair has made a decision to instil in customers the confidence that despite the poor economic performance, it can still be the airline of choice with its low costs.

The video conferencing has provided the facility to people and especially to businessmen and they do not feel necessity to travel anymore and they can deal their business through this innovative technology.

Ryanair PESTEL Analysis Essay

However if the economic situation recovers in Europe, people will be more likely to spend more money on flights and their demand will decrease for Ryanair. Weaknesses Despite the fact that Ryanair is among the most successful low-cost airlines in the world, its cost conscious focus created a series of problems.

Therefore the political climate in this region affects its decisions. Therefore, this causes dissatisfaction of customer about the services.

In the airline industry, other airlines may not respond to the calls to be more environmentally friendly as they try make their finances look better in difficult economic times. Ryanair has a quicker turnaround strategy, compared to its competitors. Their preferences inform their choices, leading to customers demanding low costs from their airlines.

Ryanair PESTEL Analysis

Boeing sells only models to Ryanair, further increasing its bargaining power over Ryanair as no other company makes the At September 30th, the Groups has served destinations in Europe and carried Legal Factors IATA is the international air traffic agency and it has made some rules and regulations to operate the flights across the world.

Expanding beyond the European market into Asia and Russia would make them increase their passenger traffic The addition of new countries from the European Union is an opportunity to expand airline services.

Due to its large size, the organisation is able to exploit economies of scale and scope that keep ticket prices low Creaton, This marketing audit should be undertaken by keeping not only the short term perspective in mind but also the middle and long term perspective should be taken into consideration.

This is happening with BA, advertising cheap one-way journeys to Italy. Autocratic leader always make decisions alone without consulting their team members. Liquidity ratios Year However, Oil price and tax policy are an issue for all airlines.

Ryanair PESTEL Analysis Essay

Ryanair makes many flights per day. This is a very costly legislation and would cost Airline Company counting billions expenses. Their attitudes change according to their preferences as they are able to compare different modes of transport.

Ryanair already has the largest and the newest fleet 4 years therefore making the planes more cost effective and further increasing their competitive advantage As a result, Ryanair is now the top Airline in Spain, Italy, Poland and Ireland.

The case of Oporto airport. This report analyses internal aspects such as the SWOT analysis, the business core strategy. Increase in the taxes and interest rates has hurt the pricing and promotional strategy.

For example, Ryanair can join one world alliance to become a member of this alliance to enhance its network while providing base load demand from fellow one world members.

The airline industry can lead to many threats. The firm has a fleet of three hundred Boeing aircrafts. The move will see legal factors pushing for a fairer working environment.

When the seats increase, the number of passengers increase, the costs per flight reduced. Increase in oil prices Since Aprilthe cost of oil — which generally mirrors the cost of aviation fuel — has risen by 24 per cent, while fuel surcharges have risen by 53 per cent on average, according to the study by Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

Due to economic recession in Europe, the airline was suffered badly and there was serious decline in their earnings during last year and it is trying to overcome the loss of previous year.

PESTEL Analysis of Ryan Air: RyanAir PESTEL analyses are those external factors that could hinder their operation which would be analyzed based on the case study. Political: As a big political factor European Union expansion affect the direction and strategy planning of RyanAir.

The PESTEL analysis illustrates both favourable and nonfavourable factors in Ryanair’s macro-environment. The political, economic, and environment categories do not present favourable factors, nevertheless their arguments are outweighed by positive factors of.

Ryanair's Strengths. Lowest cost base. Ryanair’s cost per passenger is the lowest in Europe by some margin, approximately one third lower than that of tsfutbol.coming fuel costs, the difference is even starker, with Easyjet’s cost per passenger 67% above that of Ryanair.

Nov 13,  · INRyan Air’s traffic rose by 17%. Although they achieved a Q3 loss of Eurom, this was due to a Euro increase in fuel costs and a 3% rise in non-fuel costs. Taken from the Ryan Air website from Ryanair ± The low fares airline PESTEL framework analysis for Ryanair is as follow: 1) Political y Politic stability in European.

countries (low impact) y Terrorism and security control (such as not allow to brig liquids and gels for more than ml per each package) y Pilot Trade Union pressure 2) Economic y Stable economy in European countries (except few country recently) y Unstable Fuel. Because Ryan Air is a big competitor in this market they can negotiate for better prices and deals.

They have a good relationship with Boeing. In they were.

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